DETOX day 10

01 Apr

Finally! I could not wait until tomorrow! As I was cooking dinner last night there was that glint of disappointmen that I’d still have to eat the same thing tonight. There were other food in my pantry waiting to be eaten, I just wanted to eat something else! I wasn’t too thrilled either that I’d still have 3 more days of reverse diet before I could get back to “normal”. Well, by normal, it was still restricted, but it’s the closest thing to my actual normal diet.

I have been told by a few people that detox was a waste of time and money, while some others told me that it was great. Well, I’m siding with neither of them. Apart from thinking that it’s ridiculously strict, I do find the light on detoxing. The detox had given me good habit, before detox I haven’t been having much junk food, but since the detox, I don’t think I’d even think about having junk food. I’ll try my best to eat better, but I can’t promise I’d cook more.


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2 responses to “DETOX day 10

  1. Vivi

    October 7, 2011 at 08:44

    I’ve recently gone through detox and although it sort of messed up my body clock (got delayed periods), it definitely did more good than bad. It cleared my skin and my mind. I also feel much healthier.

    My detox lasted around a month but I experienced a lot of urge to eat unhealthy food probably around the second week. After 2 weeks, though, it was much easier. My body learned to look for the taste of “healthy” food and snacks.

    A lot of people make the mistake of going on a feast to celebrate the end of their detox which is a definite no-no. It not only sends the body into a state of shock, it also makes it more vulnerable to absorbing more toxins from the sudden overeating especially if the person isn’t that healthy to begin with. A body that had just went through detox is like a new sponge which absorbs more water/soap compared to an old sponge clogged with grime. I’m not sure if you’ve read about it but I thought I’d share. :)

    • tissueforyourissue

      October 10, 2011 at 02:28

      Thank you for sharing :) Yes, it also messed up my body clock for about a month or so, but it came back to normal after. I thought about doing the month long detox option but it would be difficult for work in a way so I didn’t end up doing that one.

      Luckily for me, my detox experience didn’t give me the urge to eat unhealthy food, it was more about wanting to eat something else other than fruit and vegetables, for example things like rice/bread/nuts, something more filling, I guess. I got used to it once I got to day 8 or 9. I think everyone is different. I have a friend who craved sweets during detox.

      I ended up doing a month of gluten free diet (on top of my usual diet for my intolerances) after the detox, and I managed to keep up the semi-detox eating pattern & slowly going back to normal diet over a period of (roughly) 3 months. I was quite happy with the results.

      I agree that we should not binge after a detox, the body needs time to adjust :)


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