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The end of good manners?

Something happened recently that reminded me of the lack of manners eversince mobile devices dominate our lives.

Looking for a flat or a flatmate or perhaps tenants is a stressful time for both parties. I spent the end of last year looking for a flatmate and it baffled me that nowadays people don’t care about manners. I put my email and/or number up on the ad, and all they were bothered to ask was “Is the room still available?” and sometimes they didn’t even make a complete sentence! About 90% of the time they didn’t even say “Hi”, and only 2 of them bothered to ring me, the rest were text messages and emails.

Why are people not bothered with introductions these days? It’s a little effort (and basic manners) that goes a long way. When I went looking for a flat, I wrote them a formal and polite email because sometimes I cannot ring them, and when I could ring them, I would have begun with an introduction (my name) and how I came across their advert. I would NOT even think about texting them!  I found texting is very rude.

Quite frankly I don’t care if I get less responses to my ad if I put “phone calls only” or perhaps add “email” to it too, on the condition that their emails are decent and polite. I’d choose not to respond to rude emails only containing one sentence without introduction. Who are you and why should I respond to you and show you my living space, if you didn’t even bother to introduce yourself to a potential flatmate? I want a polite person to live with, not some rude random person who is not decent enough to say hello.

Then there is that “cost” factor when it comes to phone calling. Well, there’s the option of email, isn’t there? But put your best effort in it, not some lazy rude txt language kind of email that doesn’t even make a sentence that makes any sense at all! If the cost of phone calling is too much, then don’t bother, I find that if they can afford to pay rent, no matter how much it is, they can afford a 49c a minute phone call, if they can’t afford that, then the next question is, can I rely on them to pay rent on time? Of course the landlord would demand automatic payment but that’s beside the point. The point is, this person would be sharing a living space with me, I have to deal with him/her every day, so I want to make sure they are polite, reliable and not leave all the cleaning to me.

So there’s my rant for today.


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Are you nice in general?

… or are you nice because you want something?

One may say that we should be nice to everyone, no matter who they are, but one may also say, why should I be nice to them if they’re not nice to me?

In my opinion, I think we should be nice to everyone, HOWEVER, sometimes you ought to stop being nice to people if they are taking advantage of it. I’m nice to people just because I want to, just because it makes me feel good about myself, and because quite frankly, they have never done anything wrong to me. But I sometimes wonder, should I be nice if a certain someone who was being nice to me only did so because she wants something in return?

Take it from my personal experience. Someone I know was “nice” to EVERYONE, over the top kind of nice. BUT… if you do something she didn’t agree with, she’d cut you out compeltely, and made sure that everyone who’s in her “circle” of friends take her side. No one in her “circle” had the guts to tell her off, even critize her because if they did, heck, she’d do the same to them.

Unfortunately for her, I wasn’t the kind to sit back and let her have her way. Yeah, she did all the things I thought she’d do, that wasn’t so unpredictable, but I was surprised at how childish she was on the way she handled things. Within a week everyone in her “circle” excluded me, not that I mind, it saved me the effort of cutting out people who wouldn’t be a good kind of friends for me, I had people de-friended me on Facebook, again, not that I mind, I think people are too obsessed with Facebook anyway, plus, if they don’t have the guts to ask me what happened, or even have the decency to talk to me about the situation, then it’s save to say that I don’t want them on my facebook looking at the things I’ve been up to anyway.

If people aren’t afraid of being cut off, they’d feel guilt-tripped. She has done so much for them, and they’d feel bad for going against her on some things. She was nice to me to start with, but I guess my past experience had taught me to see beyond the outline of a person, from the start I knew that she was being nice to me so I wouldn’t have the guts to go against her in any way. I was very careful about her and kept my distance. Surely enough, after since she stopped talking to me, I heard all the ugly things that she has been saying behind my back since day 1 (those days when she was still nice towards me). Well then, I guess it’s a good thing now she stays out of my way.

My bestfriends and I fight and argue too sometimes, all for the better. It helped us grow to be wiser, and it even made us grow closer together as friends, those fights and arguement were the things than made us realize how valuable it was to have each other.

Be nice… because you want to be nice :)

Have a lovely day everyone!


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What to do with old makeup

A news came my way yesterday that got me into sort of a stressed mode, and when I’m stressed, I resort to cleaning and de-cluttering. So, since my mind was already on the makeup subject yesterday, last night as I was lying in bed I started to sort out what I was going to do with my old makeup.

I used to perform a lot and therefore I have a lot of stage makeup, and a lot of them are still new and unopened. Many people gave me makeup as gifts, and I ended up with tons of them because I haven’t gone through the older ones.

However now that my intolerances are revealed and I’m moving to organic makeup, I have no use for my older ones. So my question is, what to do with your old unwanted makeup?

I haven’t seen any makeup re-cycling places around, and I don’t exactly want to throw it out as domestic rubbish as they contain chemicals and other ingredients that couldn’t be so great for the environment.

So any thoughts? Please do share :)

– Fi

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