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What to do with old makeup

A news came my way yesterday that got me into sort of a stressed mode, and when I’m stressed, I resort to cleaning and de-cluttering. So, since my mind was already on the makeup subject yesterday, last night as I was lying in bed I started to sort out what I was going to do with my old makeup.

I used to perform a lot and therefore I have a lot of stage makeup, and a lot of them are still new and unopened. Many people gave me makeup as gifts, and I ended up with tons of them because I haven’t gone through the older ones.

However now that my intolerances are revealed and I’m moving to organic makeup, I have no use for my older ones. So my question is, what to do with your old unwanted makeup?

I haven’t seen any makeup re-cycling places around, and I don’t exactly want to throw it out as domestic rubbish as they contain chemicals and other ingredients that couldn’t be so great for the environment.

So any thoughts? Please do share :)

– Fi

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Posted by on November 10, 2010 in Beauty