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Pedestrians vs Drivers

It was rather early in the morning and I haven’t had much sleep last night, so no, I wasn’t really in a good mood, but what I’m about to write about shouldn’t require a foul mood to get annoyed about anyway.

As a pedestrian I hate it when drivers ignore the rules, going through the red light when it was green for us to cross, not stopping at pedestrian crossing, tooting when we were in the middle of the crossing when the light turned flashing, or simply not indicating when they were turning and we were crossing, then expect us to read their minds and get annoyed at us. But as a pedestrian, I also hate it when other pedestrians walk like they own the road and expect drivers to make way for them. Look around, people, cross when it’s safe to, don’t just step foot on the road! Too often I saw people ignoring the cross light and got annoyed at cars who were actually obeying their rules. News about pedestrian got hit by a bus came up far too often, but it didn’t seem to make others be more careful.

Awhile back I saw this girl at the lights, waiting to cross. When light goes red for the cars, she started crossing, not knowing that the other lane would have a turn before pedestrian light turned green (clearly she wasn’t from around the area as she wasn’t familiar with the lights), but instead of going back to the side of the road, she stood in the middle of the road, looking straight at the truck that was turning, most probably expecting the driver to just go around her while she stood on his lane. It took her quite awhile before she sheepishly walked backwards and cleared off the road.

People work hard to create road rules and codes to make it work and safer for both pedestrians and drivers, but please remember that we are responsible for our own safety (and others who are directly affected by our actions).

Be safe on the road, people! Have a lovely day :)


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Girl’s handbag and the modern romance

This is something I see a lot in Asian country. I even had the experience of having my handbag carried by my male companion at the time (I didn’t ask for it). I found it a little bit awkward, not really because of a man carrying a feminine bag, but more about the fact that I was capable of carrying my handbag. I can understand if the man would offer his help when his lady was carrying multiple bags, heck I’d even offer to my partner and my girlfriends if they’re carrying more than one bag, or if I know that one of the bags is heavy. With my partner it’s the opposite, I had to ask for his help, which in a way pissed me off. He saw I was carrying something heavy, it doesn’t cost a thing to offer help, but at the same time I knew he saw me as capable of taking care of myself. Sure, I’m not the girl in high heels type, I’m more of a girl in boots type, and I can fight, but that didn’t mean that I don’t appreciate being treated like a girly girl once in awhile.

However, this post isn’t really about man carrying their lady’s bag, but it was about manners, courtesy, gestures, courtship (if that even still exist). I know it’s a thing of the past, but I don’t see a reason of why it shouldn’t be practiced. In my home country I find that people have this sort of unrealistic ideals about their partners (I’m talking about the pre-marriage couples or soon to be couples). Too often I came across someone who poured his/her heart out for someone they don’t even know that well just to have a chance of going out with the person. I think it’s sweet (though sometimes it could be too much). But my point is, these days, I found the lack of romance in modern society.

A few months back I admitted to my partner that I was hoping that he would have asked me out on a date when we just started seeing each other. But that never came. Dinners at restaurants are not the same thing as a date. I told him that I was really hoping he would properly ask me to go out on a date with him, then being picked up, and have the experience of being wooed. Being asked out on a date is a flattering experience, which only happened twice in my history of love life. Once by my ex (who turned out to be a manipulative jerk), and second by one of my closest friend (which I turned down, I couldn’t see him as more than good friend). I don’t think dates happen often these days anymore, which is quite a shame.

I guess I’m a hopeless romantic who believes in love at first sight and prince charming on a white horse (not literally of course). On anniversaries, I don’t need fancy things, I’d be more than happy with chocolates or little gestures. It’s not the materials that I’m after, but it was the thought of being remembered and that the day of us being united is celebrated.

I think romance is almost dead these days, well movies don’t count – I thought I should just get it out there. If you have experience of being wooed that you’d like to share, please do :)


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Things that bug me

Well… this has been bugging me for quite some time now. Too many times I cringed at the sight of women dressed inappropriately and proud of it, little did they know that many of us who happened to see it think that it was disgusting. Sometimes it was the case of an epic wardrobe malfunction, but most time it was just the fact that too many women these days don’t know how to appreciate themselves.

In short, here are my thoughts:

In the office – Ladies, please know that in an office environment, anything above your mid-thigh is too short. If you’re a creative or fashion industry it may be more forgiving, but in an office, it’s unacceptable.

While you’re out – if it’s cold, wear warm clothes! Don’t stroll in a mini skirt (or was it a belt?) and skimpy top on a high heels then complained it was cold. There is nothing sexy about that. Other women who know how to dress appropriately would look 10 times sexier than those who wear minimal clothing.

Body type – just because it looks good on others (or on the manikin), doesn’t mean that it would look good on you. Shop for your type.

Attitude – one can look good and attractive until she speaks. If you look good but have a bitchy attitude, then your hard work will just go to waste. The world doesn’t resolve around you. Be nice to people… don’t dominate conversations, let others speak and be heard. If you don’t agree with something, don’t force your opinion on them, just acknowledge that there are other point of views other than yours.

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