About Me

Fiona Lee is a nom de plume, in case you’re wondering :)

I enjoy writing as a way to meditate and reflect, and I don’t limit writing to just blogs or diary type of writing, way before blog, I have written a few fictions (not published, of course… now gathering dust at home), because I have a fascination in story making. These days, I’d post my stories on and (I have another pen name for these websites) and I’m also working to launch my website containing those stories posted on the said websites. When I wrote those stories I felt such power and satisfaction in enabling access to this world that was once only visible in visions in my head, I was able to capture the moment before the visions and ideas went away, and store it on paper or data stick for when I need to visit it again in the future.

I’m not great with words, I must admit, but I find writing, whether it’s fiction/fanfiction or blog, is an amazing way to de-stress. It started when I was little, when I went back home I found my diary since I was barely able to write… it was there in plain black and white, my raw emotions, my rant, my feelings, I could almost re-live the moment whenever I read those words. Since I could remember I have always found comfort in expressing my feelings in writing, and so here I am now.

– Fiona Lee


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