Chocolate for any occasion

Welcome to “Tissue for your Issue”

The chocolate for the soul

Thank you. I have the tendency to go to my pantry and grab a chocolate when I feel the need for a lift-me-up, or when I want to celebrate a mile stone. So yes, my pantry is stuffed with the sweet goodness. It is true what they say, chocolates fix everything… almost… it is important to know when to stop having these quick fixes, otherwise you’d have more problems than the ones you already have.

Take your time to stop and evaluate the situation, take a deep breath, count to ten, start prioritizing things in your head, think of one thing at a time, then set yourself in motion when you have a clearer mind.

I was inspired to start writing this blog from some situations I’ve experienced in the past, but it wasn’t until last year that I felt the need to get these words out.

So perhaps this could be another one of those girls’ “how to” guides, or it could be a venting place, or maybe just a place where experiences (sweet or bitter) to be shared.

Enjoy :)

Fiona Lee


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