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Seasonal gym goers

That’s it! It’s official that I hate the gym during the weeks leading to summer. The past few weeks my experience of going to the gym had been rather unpleasant due to the increase number of people suddenly turning up (not to mention that some of the younger ones could be quite rude and inconsiderate). Well… It’s close to summer, so people were thinking “I have to get my beach body back”.

I seriously dont get it. It shouldn’t matter what season it is, it should be a constant effort to keep exercising throughout the year, unless work or sickness gets in the way. Im used to go to the gym 6 days a week no matter what the weather or season is for a few years. And I like it because the members all became familiar to each others routines, and we worked around it to accomodate each others timings need, especially during the busy times in the morning. But when you have a sudden increase of people who only turn up coz the sun’s up and fueled by summer body goal to achieve, it’s all a mess. Classes became so crammed, so are the showers, and lockers, then your routines got jumbled up to accomodate these seasonal goers, and your workout time got cut down because you have to compensate for the (even more than usual) time lost in waiting for the showers and bench to get ready. If I could come to the gym earlier I would have, but unfortunately public transport provider doesn’t think the suburb I live in needs a 5am bus/train service like some other suburbs do, so Im doing the best I can to get to the gym as early as possible, and since evening is not an option, I have no choice but to deal it.

Im looking forward to winter again when the regulars would keep going and the seasonal goers would slack off and not bothered going until it’s time to shed off the winter weight again. Im sorry if this offends any readers who happened to be the seasonal goers, but that’s just the way it is. If anything, it should be a motivation to exercise constantly throughout the year, not just to get a beach body after months of slacking off.

Granted, this is my first time being active in the gym in a four season country, and I started my membership in the winter, so perhaps there was a bit of shock there. Anyway, for those who are still reading, no matter what the weather is, go do your body a favour and keep a constant exercising habit all year long, because the body deserves it, and the mind would be happy too.


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Pedestrians vs Drivers

It was rather early in the morning and I haven’t had much sleep last night, so no, I wasn’t really in a good mood, but what I’m about to write about shouldn’t require a foul mood to get annoyed about anyway.

As a pedestrian I hate it when drivers ignore the rules, going through the red light when it was green for us to cross, not stopping at pedestrian crossing, tooting when we were in the middle of the crossing when the light turned flashing, or simply not indicating when they were turning and we were crossing, then expect us to read their minds and get annoyed at us. But as a pedestrian, I also hate it when other pedestrians walk like they own the road and expect drivers to make way for them. Look around, people, cross when it’s safe to, don’t just step foot on the road! Too often I saw people ignoring the cross light and got annoyed at cars who were actually obeying their rules. News about pedestrian got hit by a bus came up far too often, but it didn’t seem to make others be more careful.

Awhile back I saw this girl at the lights, waiting to cross. When light goes red for the cars, she started crossing, not knowing that the other lane would have a turn before pedestrian light turned green (clearly she wasn’t from around the area as she wasn’t familiar with the lights), but instead of going back to the side of the road, she stood in the middle of the road, looking straight at the truck that was turning, most probably expecting the driver to just go around her while she stood on his lane. It took her quite awhile before she sheepishly walked backwards and cleared off the road.

People work hard to create road rules and codes to make it work and safer for both pedestrians and drivers, but please remember that we are responsible for our own safety (and others who are directly affected by our actions).

Be safe on the road, people! Have a lovely day :)


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Girl’s handbag and the modern romance

This is something I see a lot in Asian country. I even had the experience of having my handbag carried by my male companion at the time (I didn’t ask for it). I found it a little bit awkward, not really because of a man carrying a feminine bag, but more about the fact that I was capable of carrying my handbag. I can understand if the man would offer his help when his lady was carrying multiple bags, heck I’d even offer to my partner and my girlfriends if they’re carrying more than one bag, or if I know that one of the bags is heavy. With my partner it’s the opposite, I had to ask for his help, which in a way pissed me off. He saw I was carrying something heavy, it doesn’t cost a thing to offer help, but at the same time I knew he saw me as capable of taking care of myself. Sure, I’m not the girl in high heels type, I’m more of a girl in boots type, and I can fight, but that didn’t mean that I don’t appreciate being treated like a girly girl once in awhile.

However, this post isn’t really about man carrying their lady’s bag, but it was about manners, courtesy, gestures, courtship (if that even still exist). I know it’s a thing of the past, but I don’t see a reason of why it shouldn’t be practiced. In my home country I find that people have this sort of unrealistic ideals about their partners (I’m talking about the pre-marriage couples or soon to be couples). Too often I came across someone who poured his/her heart out for someone they don’t even know that well just to have a chance of going out with the person. I think it’s sweet (though sometimes it could be too much). But my point is, these days, I found the lack of romance in modern society.

A few months back I admitted to my partner that I was hoping that he would have asked me out on a date when we just started seeing each other. But that never came. Dinners at restaurants are not the same thing as a date. I told him that I was really hoping he would properly ask me to go out on a date with him, then being picked up, and have the experience of being wooed. Being asked out on a date is a flattering experience, which only happened twice in my history of love life. Once by my ex (who turned out to be a manipulative jerk), and second by one of my closest friend (which I turned down, I couldn’t see him as more than good friend). I don’t think dates happen often these days anymore, which is quite a shame.

I guess I’m a hopeless romantic who believes in love at first sight and prince charming on a white horse (not literally of course). On anniversaries, I don’t need fancy things, I’d be more than happy with chocolates or little gestures. It’s not the materials that I’m after, but it was the thought of being remembered and that the day of us being united is celebrated.

I think romance is almost dead these days, well movies don’t count – I thought I should just get it out there. If you have experience of being wooed that you’d like to share, please do :)


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Things that bug me

Well… this has been bugging me for quite some time now. Too many times I cringed at the sight of women dressed inappropriately and proud of it, little did they know that many of us who happened to see it think that it was disgusting. Sometimes it was the case of an epic wardrobe malfunction, but most time it was just the fact that too many women these days don’t know how to appreciate themselves.

In short, here are my thoughts:

In the office – Ladies, please know that in an office environment, anything above your mid-thigh is too short. If you’re a creative or fashion industry it may be more forgiving, but in an office, it’s unacceptable.

While you’re out – if it’s cold, wear warm clothes! Don’t stroll in a mini skirt (or was it a belt?) and skimpy top on a high heels then complained it was cold. There is nothing sexy about that. Other women who know how to dress appropriately would look 10 times sexier than those who wear minimal clothing.

Body type – just because it looks good on others (or on the manikin), doesn’t mean that it would look good on you. Shop for your type.

Attitude – one can look good and attractive until she speaks. If you look good but have a bitchy attitude, then your hard work will just go to waste. The world doesn’t resolve around you. Be nice to people… don’t dominate conversations, let others speak and be heard. If you don’t agree with something, don’t force your opinion on them, just acknowledge that there are other point of views other than yours.

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Public toilet

Let’s face it, I won’t be the only person who hates public toilet. One of my biggest fears of the public toilet is of hygiene, now based on what I’ve seen on TV, most public toilets are actually cleaner than average home toilets because they are cleaned and maintained more regularly than home ones (those lazy ones). If it wasn’t thanks to my eczema, I would clean my bathroom and toilet once in one or two days. I just couldn’t do the activity as often as I’d like to because it would hurt too much for my skin.

Well, here’s the list of reasons why I hate the public toilet so much:

1. Smell

It’s either the smelly toilet or the overly fragranced room which would almost guarantee a sneezing spell once I walked into the room.

2. Lack of hooks

C’mon!!! It’s a freaking public toilet! Don’t you think people would have bags or jackets in their hands???? So I’d say a hook behind the toilet door is standard and must have.

3. Small space

I wonder if they expect people to be tiny or something, I’m a size XS and I still find it hard to move around certain toilets sometimes. It felt like whoever built the space have forgotten to put public toilet and decided that the little corner in the room could be made into a couple of restrooms.

4. Unrealistic basin space

Not only the room could be tiny, but the sink too! You hardly have enough space to put both hands under the sink, yet alone washing your hands thoroughly under the running water!

5. Lack of paper towel / the non-existent hand dryer

No, towel will not suffice. If you think about it, how many people would be using the restroom? I am NOT sharing hand towel with strangers. Supply of paper towel is crucial, or hand dryer at least. Now, I’m not a fan of the warm hand dryer simply because I find it hurting my skin if I my eczema flared up.

6. Toilet paper dispenser

Sure, they are low maintenance, but did you think of where you’re putting it or did you run out of space before fitting it into the room and decided that right next to the toilet will have to do, despite the awkward positions plus the twist and turns people have to do to get to the freaking thing.

7. The toilet paper

Ok, we can’t be picky when in public toilet, but at least get tissue paper that isn’t so hard to rip!!! Trust me, you’d end up saving more! Not only you’d decrease the chances of having papery mess on the floor because people get pissed off it won’t rip, but you’d save more paper because people won’t take too much toilet paper from being too hard to rip.

8. No trash can

What kind of toilet don’t have trash can?? These days they have sanitary disposal units in women’s or unisex toilet, but doesn’t mean that they can get rid of the trash cans. There are other things other than tampon and pads that people need to throw out while in the restrooms, you know!

Now let’s move on to the other toilet users’ annoying habits that pissed me off the most:

9. Too lazy to flush

Some retards were just too f***in lazy to push a button to flush the toilet, very very very inconsiderate and selfish! It’s a communal facility, take care of it!

10. Too ignorant to clean up after oneself

So you’ve made a mess in the public restroom, then clean up after yourself, you dumb ass! As I said on my previous point, it is a communal facility, you aren’t the only one who’s using it, so be considerate!

11. The impatient goer

I was in a public toilet at a supermarket once, I just got in, put my bag on the hook and was about to do my business, and then I heard this impatient knock on the door. For goodness’ sake, woman, I just got in there. And again, a few seconds later. Well, you knocking on the door frantically ain’t gonna get me going any faster!

12. The one who cuts the line

There is a line here, lady, so get to the back and start lining up. Don’t just jump in on the next available stall. We all need to go, unless you are in an absolute need to go then I don’t see why you get to cut the line.

There are many other reasons why I hate the public toilet, but the list would be very long if I keep writing them.

Care to share your love/hate stories about the public toilet? Be my guest :)


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Ex-smokers are the worst non-smokers…

… so I’ve been told. As an ex-smoker myself, I could say that the above statement is true, or at least apply to me. I have been the smoker, I have been the one who have clothes, hair and fingers smelling like ashtray, I’ve been the one who sprayed body mist all over myself to try masking the smell of cigarettes after smoking, and I have been the one who made others uncomfortable with the second hand smoke.

It never crossed my mind on how I would react to smokers after I gave up the filthy habit. I was at a party, sitting outside in a courtyard to enjoy a bit of breeze and I was surrounded by smokers. I felt like I wanted to throw up from the smell of smoke… then I couldn’t help but be disgusted to see the cigarettes buds piling up on ashtray, and some even made it to the kitchen sink, and thanks to that, the kitchen gave out this very unpleasant odour. I have to say though, it was very inconsiderate of whoever dumped the buds on kitchen sink.

I couldn’t help myself from having judgmental looks on especially young people who smoke. Even when I was a smoker myself, I would discourage the younger people to even think about smoking. I asked those young smokers silently, why do you start? Is it just because you think it’s cool? The first cigarette I had was cloves cigarettes since they were (and still are) abundant in my home country, and there are no age restrictions on smoking there. Cigarette brands were still widely advertised on TV, magazines, billboards and even the major sponsors for most of the local cinemas. However, it wasn’t one of those yucky experience but stuck with it anyway because it looked cool, but guess what? I absolutely loved the cigarettes! Well, I didn’t start until I moved overseas though, for reasons more silly than you could ever think. Even though I didn’t start because I thought it looked cool, or because everyone else did it, I have to admit that part of me thought it was sort of “cool” (this was after I started to be a regular smoker). It also was a social tool, I met most of my good friends here because I smoked, just so happen I was smoking outside of a venue and I met this group of people, started having a small talk, then it happened again a few days later, and now they my best buddies. Most of them now have given up smoking for their own reasons, the funny thing was the timing we all quit. None of us had told anyone that we were quitting, then one day we were hanging out and one of us mentioned it, and suddenly it was revealed that most of us were giving up or already quit.

Now maybe it’s to do with me finding myself, and I didn’t like seeing myself with a cigarettes, I didn’t like what I was doing to myself, I didn’t like how my stamina dropped so much (I used to be so fit and lean, and active in competitive sports). So one day I decided I wanted to quit. Took me a couple of go’s. I had a relapse in between, but I finally made it. I had just less than a pack left when I decided that I had enough. I broke those cigarettes and threw it out. I now couldn’t stand the smell of it (though rollies and cloves cigarettes have different effects on me… I loved the smell of those).

Just after I quit, I had the “envy” of everyone else who still smoke. I missed the activity, not necessarily the cigarette itself, but the habit of putting something in your mouth, inhaling it, exhaling it, or simply just to have something to hold between my fingers. Occasionally I caught myself doing a smoking gesture with a pen, though of course I didn’t inhale.

I guess bottom line is, I regretted that I was a regular smoker, and I guess that’s why I have such negative feeling towards smokers. I knew how easy it was to get hooked, and how much hard work it was to quit, and not only that, but not only it’s not doing me any good, but I had this nagging voice in the back of my mind screaming “What are you doing to the environment and people around you????!”. I was inconsiderate towards others and to myself… what a fool I was…

Well, I can’t change what I did, but I surely will not pick up the filthy habit again in the future.


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Not because I can’t…

I recently got into this discussion many many many times with many different people, from the closest to the person who I only know on a hi, how are you basis. Maybe it’s a sign that I should start???

The problem is, one of my ex’s has called me a lousy girlfriend because I didn’t cook. Can you believe that? Really?? Then too bad because I could, and I didn’t cook often because I didn’t (and still don’t) enjoy cooking. Just because I’m a girl doesn’t mean that it’s a given that I must cook. I cook to get by, I cook for myself because then no one complains about how bad my cooking is, but it didn’t mean that I won’t cook at all. When I feel the urge to cook, I will cook for others, and when it is absolutely necessary, I would cook even when I don’t feel like it, just don’t complain about how it tastes. My lasagna and macaroni schotel have good reputations that surpassed my circle of friends, but of course these aren’t considered cooking… it’s baking. Anyone can cook, but not necessarily everyone of them enjoy it.

All this is coming from a girl who managed to screw up a Mediteranian Salad…. YES, a freaking salad!!!! How pathetic is that? It’s not like I didn’t try. Oh I tried and I tried and I tried to cook, and I have tried and forced myself to enjoy the activity, but nothing works. Not even when I’m cooking something I enjoy.

My daily cooking is limited to fried rice/noodles, or perhaps soups just because they’re easy, but when I wanted, I’d make baked food because that’s what I enjoy… baking…. it’s been awhile since I baked though, ever since I found out about my food intolerances, I haven’t baked since. I didn’t know what I wanted to bake and I quite frankly didn’t feel like baking. I guess I’m still broken hearted from the fact that I can’t have food I love the most due to my intolerances. I’ve gotten over it though, I’m enjoying my new diet and lifestyle, but I haven’t really got myself back into baking.

I’ve been to cooking classes since I was 4 years old, while my late grandma was responsible for my baking abilities (thank you Grandma). That’s just it… I don’t enjoy cooking. But I will cook if I absolutely have to.

Maybe I’m just not geared to cook. I do become very self conscious about the issue. It is a touchy subject when someone points it out. It hurts!

It is a flaw and I have come to accept in a hard way, so the only thing I could only hope for is for others to stop prodding at the issue, is that too hard? Maybe one day I miraculously gain the natural ability to cook, who knows? For the mean time, just please let it be.


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