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The dilemma on my gadget decision…

My background in technology: I can’t say that I’m computer savvy, I know enough to operate certain programs and able to fix limited problems on the spot, but when it comes to hardware problems, my knowledge is limited to draining the power from computers by unplugging the power source and holding the power button on the computer for 30 seconds. Yep, for someone who works with computer every day and operate the computers for work, my technical knowledge is very shallow.

I know how to operate software, produce amazing things from it, but ask me how to patch the system up to get it running, all I can say is… “Eeerr….. here’s the flowchart…”. I understand how to read the flowchart, I understand how the system works, however, I can’t tell what cable does what, or what they’re called. Occasionally while under pressure I was able to re-patch the system to get it working… don’t ask me how I did it, because I didn’t know. All I knew was that I unplugged and plugged cables and managed to make it work. I’d say I fluked it.

Now that portable devices are getting so common it’s a daily need, I too have done my share of experimenting with a few portable devices. Some for work and some for my personal use. I could say that I’m adequate in operating portable devices like music players, mobile phones (including smart phones), digital cameras, tablets, laptops, etc.

My situation now: Since 10 years ago I have been a loyal Mac user, now I’m not so sure anymore. I’d still be loyal to the computers though. Apple makes great hardware, but lately I have been less than impressed by the support and development of their products. In 2009 I got an iPhone 3G, which I was happy with for awhile. It did what I needed it to do, and eventhough initially I was planning to get an iPod touch instead, my affection towards the iPhone grew rapidly once I started using it as a phone. Reason why I didn’t in the first place was because… let’s face it, cellphone plans (especially the ones with data bundle) in this country are simply too expensive for what they’re providing, and free wifi services are…. let’s say “What? FREE wifi???”.. only a few places have it. Hence why I stick with normal cellphones.

Back to the iPhone subject, now iPhone 4 is out in the market, with iPhone 5 not too far away from launch (or so I heard). I’ve read rumours on features on iPhone 5 and the things that should be fixed on iPhone 5. Well, I’m contemplating whether or not I should buy another iPhone model… here’s why…

After I updated my iPhone 3G OS with OS 4.0, my wifi stopped working… almost like the OS fried the wifi or something like that… took it into an Apple store (their repair department), and the only thing they said was “Oh we’ve never heard of the problem”… I was stunned they dared to say so. I updated my iPhone pretty late, and so when my wifi stopped working, I looked in the forum for help, and the topic of wifi stopped working was all over it. Surely as someone who works at an Apple repair department would keep themselves up to date with issues.

Since the update my iPhone has been running extremely slow and sluggish. There were times when I was just tempted to throw the iPhone out the window because it took it ages just to open something up. I have found myself on numerous occasions when I needed the notepad to jot something down very quickly and the device had failed to do so because it took almost 20 seconds just to launch the application and open a new note!

Now I’m on OS 4.2, and guess what? OS 4.3 is NOT supported by iPhone 3G. The model is only a little over 2 years old and they have stopped supporting it?! And I have been unable to download Apps because they’re not compatible with my iPhone. All of my other electronic devices last me for about five years, with support still available.

So I’m sitting here thinking… if I buy iPhone 5 when it comes out, how long will it be supported and operational for? At this rate, I think 2 years would be pushing it. It’s not on, Apple! Not everyone can afford the cost of upgrading to newer models everytime it comes out with newer ones. I was seriously thinking to make the switch to Android, but here’s the little reason why I wanted to stick with iPhone… I don’t have to waste time downloading Apps I need, or loading the new phone with informations, because I could just load up the new iPhone with info from the older one, AND I have paid for most of the Apps I have on my iPhone, I kinda don’t want it to go to waste too, especially if I have to buy the exact same App but for Android. Just to be clear, I’m not saying I’d switch to Blackberry… I won’t even consider it. I used it and honestly, I could have a coffee, a shower and breakfast before that thing finish its re-boot! And not to mention that it won’t last a day without charging in the middle of the day… to me that’s inconvenient.

The same reason applies to why I haven’t got myself an iPad and considering Android tablet over the iPad. It’s just an expensive device bound to have a two year lifespan if I’m lucky (based on my iPhone experience).


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