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Seasonal gym goers

That’s it! It’s official that I hate the gym during the weeks leading to summer. The past few weeks my experience of going to the gym had been rather unpleasant due to the increase number of people suddenly turning up (not to mention that some of the younger ones could be quite rude and inconsiderate). Well… It’s close to summer, so people were thinking “I have to get my beach body back”.

I seriously dont get it. It shouldn’t matter what season it is, it should be a constant effort to keep exercising throughout the year, unless work or sickness gets in the way. Im used to go to the gym 6 days a week no matter what the weather or season is for a few years. And I like it because the members all became familiar to each others routines, and we worked around it to accomodate each others timings need, especially during the busy times in the morning. But when you have a sudden increase of people who only turn up coz the sun’s up and fueled by summer body goal to achieve, it’s all a mess. Classes became so crammed, so are the showers, and lockers, then your routines got jumbled up to accomodate these seasonal goers, and your workout time got cut down because you have to compensate for the (even more than usual) time lost in waiting for the showers and bench to get ready. If I could come to the gym earlier I would have, but unfortunately public transport provider doesn’t think the suburb I live in needs a 5am bus/train service like some other suburbs do, so Im doing the best I can to get to the gym as early as possible, and since evening is not an option, I have no choice but to deal it.

Im looking forward to winter again when the regulars would keep going and the seasonal goers would slack off and not bothered going until it’s time to shed off the winter weight again. Im sorry if this offends any readers who happened to be the seasonal goers, but that’s just the way it is. If anything, it should be a motivation to exercise constantly throughout the year, not just to get a beach body after months of slacking off.

Granted, this is my first time being active in the gym in a four season country, and I started my membership in the winter, so perhaps there was a bit of shock there. Anyway, for those who are still reading, no matter what the weather is, go do your body a favour and keep a constant exercising habit all year long, because the body deserves it, and the mind would be happy too.


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