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07 Apr

Let’s face it, I won’t be the only person who hates public toilet. One of my biggest fears of the public toilet is of hygiene, now based on what I’ve seen on TV, most public toilets are actually cleaner than average home toilets because they are cleaned and maintained more regularly than home ones (those lazy ones). If it wasn’t thanks to my eczema, I would clean my bathroom and toilet once in one or two days. I just couldn’t do the activity as often as I’d like to because it would hurt too much for my skin.

Well, here’s the list of reasons why I hate the public toilet so much:

1. Smell

It’s either the smelly toilet or the overly fragranced room which would almost guarantee a sneezing spell once I walked into the room.

2. Lack of hooks

C’mon!!! It’s a freaking public toilet! Don’t you think people would have bags or jackets in their hands???? So I’d say a hook behind the toilet door is standard and must have.

3. Small space

I wonder if they expect people to be tiny or something, I’m a size XS and I still find it hard to move around certain toilets sometimes. It felt like whoever built the space have forgotten to put public toilet and decided that the little corner in the room could be made into a couple of restrooms.

4. Unrealistic basin space

Not only the room could be tiny, but the sink too! You hardly have enough space to put both hands under the sink, yet alone washing your hands thoroughly under the running water!

5. Lack of paper towel / the non-existent hand dryer

No, towel will not suffice. If you think about it, how many people would be using the restroom? I am NOT sharing hand towel with strangers. Supply of paper towel is crucial, or hand dryer at least. Now, I’m not a fan of the warm hand dryer simply because I find it hurting my skin if I my eczema flared up.

6. Toilet paper dispenser

Sure, they are low maintenance, but did you think of where you’re putting it or did you run out of space before fitting it into the room and decided that right next to the toilet will have to do, despite the awkward positions plus the twist and turns people have to do to get to the freaking thing.

7. The toilet paper

Ok, we can’t be picky when in public toilet, but at least get tissue paper that isn’t so hard to rip!!! Trust me, you’d end up saving more! Not only you’d decrease the chances of having papery mess on the floor because people get pissed off it won’t rip, but you’d save more paper because people won’t take too much toilet paper from being too hard to rip.

8. No trash can

What kind of toilet don’t have trash can?? These days they have sanitary disposal units in women’s or unisex toilet, but doesn’t mean that they can get rid of the trash cans. There are other things other than tampon and pads that people need to throw out while in the restrooms, you know!

Now let’s move on to the other toilet users’ annoying habits that pissed me off the most:

9. Too lazy to flush

Some retards were just too f***in lazy to push a button to flush the toilet, very very very inconsiderate and selfish! It’s a communal facility, take care of it!

10. Too ignorant to clean up after oneself

So you’ve made a mess in the public restroom, then clean up after yourself, you dumb ass! As I said on my previous point, it is a communal facility, you aren’t the only one who’s using it, so be considerate!

11. The impatient goer

I was in a public toilet at a supermarket once, I just got in, put my bag on the hook and was about to do my business, and then I heard this impatient knock on the door. For goodness’ sake, woman, I just got in there. And again, a few seconds later. Well, you knocking on the door frantically ain’t gonna get me going any faster!

12. The one who cuts the line

There is a line here, lady, so get to the back and start lining up. Don’t just jump in on the next available stall. We all need to go, unless you are in an absolute need to go then I don’t see why you get to cut the line.

There are many other reasons why I hate the public toilet, but the list would be very long if I keep writing them.

Care to share your love/hate stories about the public toilet? Be my guest :)


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