Monthly Archives: June 2010

Back to Nature

I am ashamed to say that I’m not as fit as I used to. I looked at myself in the mirror, and I didn’t see the person I wished to see. Sure, I’m more mature, I could see the learning or “age” in my eyes, but I felt out of balance and not being able to stand up for myself lately. An incident at work made me realize that.

So then I picked up a book on Yoga. I’m always a natural healing kind of person, I’d go to alternative healers, use organic products, use herbs, and although I don’t do it as often as I used to, I meditate. What surprised me was that all those activity I used to do years ago, had Yoga movements in it… so without me knowing, I’ve been doing Yoga for a good chunk of my life. And when I stopped, it took me this long to realize that the lack of these exercises could be the source of why I’m feeling out of whack.

I started small… by meditating, and putting my shield up at the start of the day. So far I haven’t been doing this everyday, but my goal is to make this a part of my everyday routine. Then I started working with crystals and gemstones again, and back to requesting the help from nature’s positive energy. It is a slow process, but if I could get back to feeling as healthy, as fit, as energetic as I was in the past, I will give it a go, even if it takes such long time.

What I found during my meditation was the fact that I haven’t been loving myself during those years of absent (from activities). There was a major turn around in my life when I decided that “I” come first, that I was finally able to see all these destructive attitude have been damaging not only my physical body, but also my mentality and spirituality. A lot of my past actions were impulses resulting from the unbalance energies in my body, and now I am trying to turn my life around and be on the right path that’s best for my wellness.

Maybe the key to be a mature woman lies in the balance of energy within oneself. It makes sense when you put it that way. But the method is not for everyone, as technology and medicine are evolving, there are less people in this world trust what they cannot see.

The question is, do you need to see to believe it?