Pedestrians vs Drivers

14 Sep

It was rather early in the morning and I haven’t had much sleep last night, so no, I wasn’t really in a good mood, but what I’m about to write about shouldn’t require a foul mood to get annoyed about anyway.

As a pedestrian I hate it when drivers ignore the rules, going through the red light when it was green for us to cross, not stopping at pedestrian crossing, tooting when we were in the middle of the crossing when the light turned flashing, or simply not indicating when they were turning and we were crossing, then expect us to read their minds and get annoyed at us. But as a pedestrian, I also hate it when other pedestrians walk like they own the road and expect drivers to make way for them. Look around, people, cross when it’s safe to, don’t just step foot on the road! Too often I saw people ignoring the cross light and got annoyed at cars who were actually obeying their rules. News about pedestrian got hit by a bus came up far too often, but it didn’t seem to make others be more careful.

Awhile back I saw this girl at the lights, waiting to cross. When light goes red for the cars, she started crossing, not knowing that the other lane would have a turn before pedestrian light turned green (clearly she wasn’t from around the area as she wasn’t familiar with the lights), but instead of going back to the side of the road, she stood in the middle of the road, looking straight at the truck that was turning, most probably expecting the driver to just go around her while she stood on his lane. It took her quite awhile before she sheepishly walked backwards and cleared off the road.

People work hard to create road rules and codes to make it work and safer for both pedestrians and drivers, but please remember that we are responsible for our own safety (and others who are directly affected by our actions).

Be safe on the road, people! Have a lovely day :)


Image from stock.xchng by CDWaldi
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