Things that bug me

06 Sep

Well… this has been bugging me for quite some time now. Too many times I cringed at the sight of women dressed inappropriately and proud of it, little did they know that many of us who happened to see it think that it was disgusting. Sometimes it was the case of an epic wardrobe malfunction, but most time it was just the fact that too many women these days don’t know how to appreciate themselves.

In short, here are my thoughts:

In the office – Ladies, please know that in an office environment, anything above your mid-thigh is too short. If you’re a creative or fashion industry it may be more forgiving, but in an office, it’s unacceptable.

While you’re out – if it’s cold, wear warm clothes! Don’t stroll in a mini skirt (or was it a belt?) and skimpy top on a high heels then complained it was cold. There is nothing sexy about that. Other women who know how to dress appropriately would look 10 times sexier than those who wear minimal clothing.

Body type – just because it looks good on others (or on the manikin), doesn’t mean that it would look good on you. Shop for your type.

Attitude – one can look good and attractive until she speaks. If you look good but have a bitchy attitude, then your hard work will just go to waste. The world doesn’t resolve around you. Be nice to people… don’t dominate conversations, let others speak and be heard. If you don’t agree with something, don’t force your opinion on them, just acknowledge that there are other point of views other than yours.

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