DETOX day 5

27 Mar

I contemplated whether I should switch to the 25 day plan or not, and the question became whether I want to put up with this riddiculously strict diet for another 3 weeks. Simply put, I’d rather deal with 5 more days. Along came lunch time and my partner was having my favourite noodles, I had to leave the table because the smell of it just made me want to cry in frustration. I already cried in the morning because I was frustrated and angry, I don’t need another tear up session!

A few hours later I became frustrated and hungry again. IT’s not that I couldn’t eat, it was more about what I could eat. No amount of vege and fruits would be able to make up for the hunger I constantly face. I can deal with no meat for awhile as long as I still can have fish. But I cannot give up all meats completely while having to cut other foods severely too.

I’m the kind of girl who would finish her 200g rare sirloin steak, and all the sides and still have room for desserts. Now that’s not something you’d see everyday from a size 6 (AUS/NZ sizing) girl. I’m half way through my detox, and so far I could say that I wouldn’t recommend the regime to anyone unless they are in need for it.

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