DETOX day 2

24 Mar

Frustration grew rapidly on me as I was constantly hungry and only had raw veges and fruits to turn to. By the evening my tummy was feeling uncomfortable, so I skipped the evening herbs as suggested by the guidebook. And in desperation I emailed the founder for more suggestion on how to overcome this constant hunger. The answer was quite promising, and I hope that I’d be able to keep to the 10 day detox instead of having to stop or switch plans.

Oh yeah, the thought of quitting was definitely there. I cried in my kitchen out of frustration, I wanted to throw everything out, I hated the detox, I even said it out loud that I was sick of the detox and didn’t want to do it anymore. I’m not someone who’s adept in the kitchen, and even that the recipe book gave ideas on easy meals with minimum cooking skills, I somehow still didn’t manage to pull it off. I have been hungry for 2 days, I watched my partner ate his lunch full of flavours, crispness, and things I love, I almost could feel a drop of tear rolling down my cheek. And to top it all up, my eczema was flarig out and my hands were just in pain. Yes, I hated being on this diet and I wanted to quit or switch to the gentler plan. I’m not allowed rice or bread, no nuts, no meats, and I found it very very very hard to stick to it.

But my world lit up once I read the email from the founder. I had hope to still be able to finish the 10 day detox program. So we’ll see tomorrow.

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