Detox preparation day 1

20 Mar

I have been putting off Detox for months now, simply because it’s a huge commitment, and I wasn’t willing to do it. I love food, and I love to eat, I snack a lot and go hungry often even on normal wholesome foods, I couldn’t imagine how I’d do when I’m only on veges and fruits for 10 days. I eat a lot for someone my size (I’m considered small… well, at least an XS or sometimes XXS size clothing). So yeah, it would drive me nuts.

Just so we’re clear, I didn’t decide to do the detox for weight loss… in fact I was so worried that I’d loose too much weight during the detox, but was reassured that I have the support that should prevent that from happening.

But a month ago I decided that it was about time, it was something I needed to do, I knew I must do it and I was brave to make a start…

NOTE: This is a journal on how do I feel about the detox on daily basis while I’m going through it.

Preparation day 1

Started the preparation period today, and guess what? By 12pm, I was fuming already. Well, mainly because I couldn’t have coffee and when I went to a cafe for breakfast, I asked for a salad minus chicken and to have the dressing and croutons separated. I thought that I’d let my partner eat the croutons, while I wouldn’t touch the dressing.

What came out looked like a dish for a goat! Just greens, and nothing else… aside from the dressing and croutons on the side of course… but that was it… I’m paying for this??? So I went back to ask for the remaining items in the salad that it was meant to come with, took me 5 minutes just to explain to the waitress at the counter (she wasn’t the one who took my order, so that made it a little bit more tricky). After a few minutes wait, I finally got my salad minus the meat.

Overall, I was grumpy, it was a nice day outside and I was in a foul mood.

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