Ash Wednesday

09 Mar

I can’t say I’m a good Catholic girl, I don’t go to church every Sunday… I haven’t been to confessions for many years… And I almost forgot that today is Ash Wednesday.

A couple of nights ago my flatmate mentioned that Ash Wednesday was coming, I seriously thought I had 1 more week to prepare for lent. I felt awful when I realized that I have missed the preparation period again.

This morning I got up about 40 minutes before the morning mass. Getting ready in speedy mode and walking very fast still didn’t get me there on time. I arrived 10 minutes late, just moments before the Pastor blessed the Ashes. Despite being sweaty and huffing & puffing by the time I got to church, I was still glad that I made it to the mass.

Later on, I tracked down “The Little Black Book” of Lent… Normally I’d get one from church, but somehow this year they decided not to have any, a couple of phone calls and another power walk later I was reading the Ash Wednesday prayer at my desk :)

I will not elaborate what my goals are and what I’d be doing for Lent this year, because they are private matters, but I wish that everyone has a good start to Lenten season :)

God bless you

– Fi


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