Easter 2010

28 Mar

Oh wow! It’s the Holy Week already! Easter is coming in really fast! Ash Wednesday actually took me by surprise this year. I wasn’t exactly prepared to go on lent, I only knew it a day before Ash Wednesday started. But I managed to get on gear and went with it. I slipped once during lent, totally forgot about it.

Easter is a special time, I do enjoy the hot cross buns, the easter eggs, and the fact that I’ve finished lent. This year, I truly learned how hard it is not to have a certain things in my daily life (things that I give up for lent) and for each Sunday (mini Easter), I celebrated a little bit that I can welcome back those things I gave up for lent.

The holy weekend for me, is a time to reflect on my wrong doings and be more appreciative of a few things I already have in my life After Easter, I hope that I’ll be more appreciative of the things I have now and not take it for granted. Yes, I wished to go away for Easter, in a way it’s a kind of retreat for me, take myself away from my normal surrounding and be somewhere else where I can see how beautiful the world I live in is.

To some, it is a long weekend full of parties, to others it’s the holy week and celebration. I was laughed at last year, when I went off to mass on Holy Thursday while everyone else were drinking. Well, everyone can choose their own way of celebrating the weekend, as long as it doesn’t invade other people’s privacy or bothering them, then it’s not a problem.

So what does Easter mean to you? How are you celebrating the Easter long weekend?

Happy Easter :)


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Posted by on March 28, 2010 in spirituality and beliefs


One response to “Easter 2010

  1. Charlotte

    April 5, 2010 at 14:57

    Dear Friends, Happy Easter!!!


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