See it to believe it?

12 Mar

Faith is not belief. Belief is passive. Faith is active – Edith Hamilton

This is an intro about my belief systems, as I do plan to write a bit more on it further along the line. I have come across a lot of friends who don’t agree with my belief… some just have a different belief and simply disagree with mine, while others simply don’t understand the belief and couldn’t help but to bitch about it.

Here’s the tricky part, not everyone belief the same thing I do. I was raised a Catholic, went to Catholic school all my live, but I also believe in other things like re-incarnation, spirits, alternative healings, and other spiritual and mystical things. I say my prayers every day, but I also meditate, practice holistic healing, and believe in a lot of superstitious things.

I believe in God, I believe that there is a higher force, and I believe that the body has everything it needs to heal itself, but sadly technologies have made modern human to be too dependent on medicines, however, I do believe that a little dose is needed to boost body function when needed.

I have friends who are very religious up to an extreme, and I’d say, if they’re happy, then it’s good for them. As long as they don’t start forcing people to take up on their belief then I think it’s fine. I have my own way of manifesting my belief, and I don’t expect others to understand it. In the end, when it comes to faith, it sometimes only make sense to you and no one else.

There were a lot of times when I found myself praying all morning, even while I was working. Other times, I’d find myself meditating with crystals or perhaps dowsing. In some world they’re a polar opposite, but both methods work for me. Perhaps the religious people would frown on the spiritual things I do, but perhaps people who aren’t religious at all would think it is silly that I go on lent, or go to church. I don’t care what they think, faith is something that is mine and mine alone, it is a private matter between me and the Man “upstairs”.

So when it comes to faith… I only have to ask myself one question, “Am I happy?”. So far, I am… and it doesn’t bother me if other people think it’s wrong or think it’s silly.



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