It’s me!

02 Mar

When you wake up in the morning, have a moment to give thanks that you are about to enjoy another day. It doesn’t matter if you worked late the night before, and only had 2 hours of sleep and you wanted to sleep in, or if you are about to face a super duper busy day… still… take a deep breath, and give thanks. Then when you see yourself in the mirror, say hello to yourself… for me, it helps to notice myself, to be myself and to recognize myself.

Awhile ago, I was in a complete mess, and one morning, I woke up, and saw myself in the mirror… I didn’t like who I saw… those black under eye circle, black mascara smeared on the side of my eyes, pale unhealthy skin from the alcohol assumptions the night prior, my hair stank like smoke from too much smoking, and surprisingly enough my body craved for another! Then I noticed, that the stars in my eyes were gone.Unfortunately it wasn’t an instant process getting from that state to now… in fact, it took a few years… so who am I?

I’m Fiona, I’m 27, I’m Asian but I don’t live in my home country. I work full time, and I enjoy reading chick lits (and watching chick flicks) as well as full on proper action movies… so “Hello there!” :)

– Fi

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